Computer is one of the most brilliant inventions humankind has ever brought to life. This operational device, whether small or large, have changed our world entirely. Personal computers and laptops are among the most productive computers available today.


This is because, unlike other compact computer devices, PCs and laptops are upgradeable. But what is the most upgraded item in a PC or a laptop? Good question.


Hard Disk Drives (HDDs), or storage in typical terms.


Many of us rely on storing sensitive information (both personal and professional) on our hard disks. These disks are sturdy and are actually non-removable magnetic disks capable of storing large volumes of electronic information. And many of you might know that. So let’s cut to the chase and talk about the real stuff.

Should You Replace HDDs or Just Add Another?

Replacing hard disk drives is a good option if the current hard drives are working slowly, and are depreciated of its lifetime, which is about four years on average.


However, if you have an optimally working hard disk drive, why change it? You can just add another and increase your storage capacity.


But how do you do that with a casing that has limited storage options? Or what can you do if your computer casing is cluttered with plethora of wires?


Not every casing or laptop comes with additional storage options, now do they?


Well, for that, you can buy one or two (or more!) SATA 5.25” Installation Frames (by Delock) that lets you add more memory/storage to your system.


With a data transfer rate of 6Gb/s, this metal frame is handy and is a perfect solution for small or tight spaced casings or even laptops.


The installation of these frames is simple. You’re provided with two screws (in golden color) along with a screwdriver for installing it on PCs. And for laptops, you can just take out your optical disk drive and install the frame as you’d install an optical disk.


To add more space in your casing, you can replace your old SATA power plugs with Delock Cable Power Molex 4 pin plug (4 x SATA 15 pin receptacle 40 cm), which allows you to connect four SATA drives simultaneously.


However, these cables wouldn’t work if you have drives with different voltage requirements. For that, you would need to buy something that offer multiple voltage options in a single extension cable. Don’t worry, we have gathered the resourceful links so you can just have to click here to visit the right website.


Using these optional yet useful accessories, not only adds more storage/memory to your PC or laptop, but also de-clutters your CPU and make way to more space.


This extends the breathing capacity (flow of air) of your computer, critical for optimal running of the system. And your PC would also look nice and tidy.


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